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MLS For $349.00-$500.00
For Sale by Owner Program-50 States

When you sign up with the "for sale by owner" program, your property is listed on the MLS as well as five Internet sites until your property sells. Thus reaching thousands of people worldwide. If you sell your property privately, your only cost would be the $349.00-$500.00 up front fee.

The Internet sites will vary depending which state you are in but will always include ( is the largest in the country because there are 1,300,000+ real estate agents who belong to the National Association of Realtors posting listings everyday),, Craigslist, GoogleBase, Trulia, Oodle, Zillow, Yahoo! Real Estate, Backpage, Kijiji plus local board sites. Post 10 photos of your property. This includes your own web page enabling you to e-mail or print out flyers.

If you should need additional consulting, agents are available for an hourly fee or a percentage. Our programs are completely tailored for you as an individual!!! This way you are not alone. As a "for sale by owner" there are still many situations that may arise where you need professional guidance. Examples may be: appraisal, home inspection issues, negotiating or a host of others. *100% guarantee on mls program.* If you switch to a full listing with one of our affiliates through our referral program nationwide, receive your $349-$500 fee back at closing. 90% of buyers still come from the MLS and the Internet. In this market you have your best chance of not paying any additional commissions!!! So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now and have your property listed in the mls & Internet sites within 24 hours!!!

We are also available for contract preparation should your buyer not have an agent or an attorney. The list goes on and on... Just the cost of advertising in local papers would use up $349.00-$500.00 dollars in no time. Save yourself thousands with maximum exposure through the MLS. Do not delay!!! Sign-up for the "for sale by owner program" Today!!!

Property will be inputted within 24 hrs. of you signing up!!!
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Question: What if I start off with the "For Sale by Owner" program and later want to switch to a different program?

Answer: We work with agents and brokerages that handle full service listings as well as fee for service. Switching programs is easily handled. If you later switch to a full service programs we refund your original $349.00-$500.00 at closing by reducing the commission by $349.00-$500.00.

Question: What if I am doing the "For Sale by Owner" program and occasionally have questions?

Answer: You may e-mail us questions and have them answered at no charge. Send e-mail to You will also be able contact the agent or brokerage handling your listing in your local area.


Question: What if I want to handle all of my own showings but would like a trained professional to handle the contracts and closing?

Answer: There are several options available. but you would most likely want to sign up with a 1% program (1% of sales price- $2500.00 minimum). If you only need the contracts written there would be a fee of $349.00-$500.00.


Question: What is included in the one percent program?

Answer: This includes preparing contracts, arranging inspections, appraisal issues, negotiations, handling all details from contract to closing-commission paid at closing


Question: Once I sign up with the "For Sale by Owner" program, how long before my listing will show on the Internet?

Answer: Your listing will be processed and shown on the mls & the Internet within 24 hours, 7 days a week once the brokerage or agent receives all your information necessary to list.


Question: Does my telephone number show in the multiple listing service?

Answer: Yes. Your information is placed in the private remarks of the listing. This means that agents are able to call you directly to schedule appointments. Your information is not put in the public remarks section because the mls rules and regulations require parties to be licensed agents and brokers. Your contact information is also listed on & with your mls numbers for easy access. When the agent's or brokerage's company information is listed, parties call our number or e-mail our office and your contact information is given immediately.


Question: If someone calls the office, how would I know that my leads are not being taken?

Answer: If a prospective buyer calls the office inquiring about your home, their information is taken and they are given all your contact information. We encourage you to spot-check randomly to ensure you that this is being done.


Question: How long is my property listed?

Answer: Until it sells.


Question: I am a seller going over the agreement giving you permission to list my property in the MLS. I do not understand the paragraph that says to check off yes or no in regards to you advertising my property.

Answer: Brokerages run additional advertising on full listings and also runs spot ads on properties. If you check yes, you are giving permission to advertise your property alongside full listings at no additional cost to you. This is in addition to all of the exposure you are already receiving with the "for sale by owner program". If we bring a buyer from this additional advertising, your only cost is what you are offering to agents/brokers as a coop/courtesy fee. There are no additional monies due.


Question: What if I allow the running of additional spot ads at no cost to me and the buyer already has an agent?

Answer: No additional compensation or commissions are received.


Question: If I check off yes to the advertising of my property and you produce a buyer from that advertising, does this mean I have to pay 6%?

Answer: No, only whatever percentage you are offering other brokers. 3% or whatever amount you decide up front.


Question: How do we sign up with the program?

Answer: Simply click here and follow the links provided. Once you purchase the "For Sale by Owner" program you will be able to download the required forms as well as an instruction sheet.


Question: What if I don't want to sign-up online?

Answer: You may e-mail us at or call 866-808-6368(MENU). A representative will immediately contact you. You may pay by phone or fax to 808-261-0568. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, & Discover. We will then immediately fax, e-mail, or mail you all required forms. We also accept checks if you prefer. (mail to: P.O. Box 1184, Kailua, HI. 96734)


Question: Do you offer signs?

Answer: Yes, many companies offer signs at no additional cost or $50.00 extra for a "for sale by owner sign." Many owners purchase their signs from local hardware stores. It is up to you.


Question: How many photos can I post?

Answer: We allow up to 10 photos for and The brokerage in your local area may have slightly different requirements. If you only have a couple and want to add more later that is fine.


Question: What if I want to make changes to the listing after it is inputted into the mls and all web sites?

Answer: You may make changes at any time. It is asked that you e-mail, fax or mail the changes so to have them in writing to avoid any discrepancies. Changes are made within 24 hours of receipt.


Question: What if I only need hourly service on an as needed basis?

Answer: Our "MENU" programs are customized for you individually giving you the flexibility to design your own program. Our consultants will gladly walk you through the program- and if you only need us occasionally- that is fine!!! Call us for a no obligation consultation!!!

Question: What if I start off with the "For Sale by Owner" program and later want to switch to a different program?

Answer: We work with agents and brokerages that handle full service listings as well as fee for service. Switching programs is easily handled. If you later switch to a full service programs we refund your original $349.00-$500.00 at closing by reducing the commission by $349.00-$500.00.

Question: My question is not listed here-

Answer: Please e-mail or call us and we will answer your question immediately. 1-866-808-6368 (MENU).

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Nathalie Mullinix
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Full Service Program - all the benefits of a conventional listing. We handle all aspects of the transaction.
1% Program - We step in once a buyer has been found and handle the deal from contract to closing.
For Sale by Owner Program - We list your home in the MLS and multiple internet sites for a flat fee of $349-$500.